Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Episodic Series Television

For the life of me, I cannot understand why we haven't been deluged with inquiries and authorization cards from people working at the companies specializing in subcontracts from the Major Motion Picture Studios who are producing Series for the big broadcast networks!! You know which ones I mean. The work is steady. And predictable. And profitable. And the networks have made it abundantly clear the work HAS to be done here in LA, right near the studios filming the episodes. So that network executives can run over on their lunch break and take a look at the work product, give notes, and see the changes hours later. This work will never leave LA. Not for Vancouver, or New Mexico, or, heaven forbid, India. No danger of losing your job when the company shuts down and moves offshore. Will someone please explain to me why on earth this work is not covered by an IATSE contract!!! Please???? shoot me an e mail at

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  1. I think you're sadly mistaken if you think this work will NEVER leave LA.

    You should familiar yourself with the use of technology in entertainment and how in less than 20 years, it's pretty much remapped how business is done.

    Network executives today may not be comfortable with having remote data centers on private networks, where the media is accessible by only those with proper clearance, but future executives won't be so hesitant.

    Cost of entry is not as high as it used to be either. Young talent are starting their own companies and are not always interested in working for others. Not all of them will succeed, but it seems they are willing to give it a shot sooner than later.

    I think IATSE needs to understand the landscape is evolving and they need to catch up, or become irrelevant.