Friday, June 3, 2011

On the same page

I read a lot. The Trades. Websites. Blogs. Facebook. Twitter. NYTimes Business Section. So, I'm pretty excited about DD's Initial Public Offering. Worried about disappointing box office for recent 3D releases. Encouraged by the Visual Effects Society's 2point0 initiative. I agree with a lot of Joe Harkins' ideas, including his foundation. It's a step in the right direction! Soldier's observations about runaway production and the viability of union representation. On the mark! Dave Rand and Jeff Heusser's vision of production staying close to the creative center of production. It's our future.
Because, essentially, we're all on the same team!!! Local 839. IATSE. VES. We all want the same objective: a viable industry, a living wage, decent medical insurance, a modicum of job security and a comfortable future. So, let's keep the discussion moving forward. Eventually, we'll unite to make a better mousetrap. Maybe not tomorrow. But, it's right around the corner.
Let's hang together. or else we'll hang separately.

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