Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Good Investment???

The typical dues paid to the West Coast Studio Locals (including Animation Guild, Cinematographers Guild, Editors Guild, Art Directors Guild) are in the neighborhood of 1% of annual earnings.
The typical benefits package costs approximately 10% of annual earnings. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. Studios pay $5 per hour plus 6% of earnings for Industry Health Coverage and Industry Pension Plan and Individual Account Plan. Contributions into other IATSE benefit funds are a little lower.
So, a return of $10 in benefits for a $1 investment. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.


  1. $5 per hour. That's $200 per week for 40hr week. Approx $800+ a month.
    Is that only for the first 40 hrs or is that for every hour worked (including overtime)?

    6% of earnings of the worker? So if a worker worked 40 hrs (we wish) at $40 an hour (made up #) for a $1600 a week, that would be $96 more?
    Is that correct? Same issue, is that based on 40hr or is all income that week (including overtime) part of that?

    So now it's up to $296 a week, $1184+ a month. And that covers a full family? Does that cover pension and disability or other things as well?
    How does that compare to the typical health insurance policy at the companies? From the looks of it, it's high for younger people and low for older people in the union, which I'd expect but best to be clear about what it is.

    So do you expect this all to be paid by the companies? Is there a way to balance it out with the actual studios helping to contribute? Will workers be asked to pony up a portion beyond annual dues or to take a slight cut do so?

  2. I had a post comparing costs:

  3. Thanks. Would be useful to have that here. I'd also like to see the iatse891 info and iatse 839 info linked here.