Friday, July 1, 2011

Independence Day

Many of us will see a film over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Transformers will probably be high up on the list. Lots of effects. Almost all of them created by US artists at a facility right here in the good old U Ess of A. And, that will continue to be the case as long as US artists create cutting edge effects. Even if the cost of their labor is higher than their competitors working in third world countries. So, why did the producers choose to have those effects done in the US????
I think you know the answer!!! Sometimes you buy a Kia. But, sometimes you want a Mercedes or a Lexus or a Porsche. And you're willing to pay the higher price. And, you think to yourself, it's worth it.
We work in a great industry which has survived runaway production for many years. And we will continue to survive, and thrive. Because the films we make are entertaining, and because they (even with high-priced American cinematographers and production designers and editors and grips and actors) are profitable.
Enjoy the movie. Enjoy the holiday. And consider the possibility that you are more valuable to your employer than you've been led to believe.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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