Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Libya: Now comes the hard part.......

If this morning's reports are to be believed, Moammar Qaddaffi's compound was captured today, and his regime has come to an end. (I'll feel better when he is captured and put on trial....) Many have credited social media with galvanizing the population and triggering the uprising. We all realize that building a democracy in a country with tribal animosities that go back hundreds of years will be dauting, to say the least. It will not be a smooth or easy transition.
Similarly, it's been pointed out that unionizing the visual effects community will require the IATSE to up its game in utilizing these social media. I'm currently writing articles for the soon-to-be-unveiled IATSE website and we'll reveal its address soon. FINALLY!!!! But that will just be the beginning. We'll need to build a much larger mailing list. Establish in-house committees. Communicate with and convince ambivalent co-workers. And avoid the wrath of hostile employers. It won't be fun and games. But, it will be worth the risk.
Now, let's go find Qaddaffi!!!


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