Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Termination of Copyright

NPR reported this morning on a rising tide of musicians seeking to terminate the copyright registration with respect to music they created in 1978. The record companies are arguing that the works were created by "employees" who created the works as a "work for hire" and that therefore the artists have no right to terminate. The artists, including Bob Dylan, are arguing that they are "independent contractors".
Employers will argue the employee/independent contractor issue on whichever side benefits them in the particular circumstance. (As we've seen.)
I'd love to get some feedback regarding how visual effects artists are being treated, here in Southern California, with respect to the independent contractor relationship and overtime and similar protections. We can even come to your aid without disclosing your identity.
Shoot me an e-mail at vfx@iatse-intl.org.
We're here. We can help.
by the way, NPR is running a program on Wednesday morning, August 17 at 9:00 AM, on the Madelyn Brand show about tax rebate incentive programs, including the one recently enacted in California; and whether it is counterproductive. Let's listen in and then, let me know what you think. (I know VFX Soldier will be listening!!)

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