Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh, Canada!!!!

Dismayed. Doesn't even begin to describe my reaction to recent articles in the Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety, and blogposts by the VFX Soldier reporting on the large-scale migration of visual effects work to Vancouver. Clearly, it's not a great time to be a visual effects artist in Southern California. Unless you have fantastic skills and continue to garner high-end work.
But, given the lavish tax incentives still in effect in Vancouver, the recruiting of American workers, and the high cost of living (and crappy exchange rate for American dollars....), perhaps we will begin to see Local 891's organizing efforts take hold. And, once the playing field in Vancouver includes union protections against overtime exploitation and bounced paychecks, just maybe that mindset will convince Southern California artists that a union contract won't be the deathknell of our industry.
By the way, Vancouver production is covered by Local 891's agreement, and that hasn't diminished Hollywood from crossing the border in droves to cash in those lucrative tax rebates. Neither will unionizing visual effects.
So, let's contact Dusty Kelly and get things going in Vancouver. When that comes to pass, we can start signing up prospective members right here in Southern California!!!!

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  1. Well, Canada can afford union costs:

    The Province of BC offers an 18% rebate on BC labour.
    Canadian government offers a 16% rebate on Canadian labour.
    The province also offers an additional 6% rebate on BC labour, for those projects that film outside of Vancouver.

    California offer....wait for it....NO labour rebates.

    So, until California offers the same rebates the idea of a union will not fly.