Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DD IPO: A Game Changer?

With all of the recent discussion about the flawed business model which is the basis for the "race to the bottom" and the abysmal economics of our vfx industry; it seems that DD's IPO offers all of us a real opportunity to take a big step towards fixing that model. According to documents filed with the SEC, DD intends to get into the business of creating (and retaining ownership of)content.
Indeed, we've heard rumblings about other illustrious effects companies negotiating in the past, for a piece of the ownership pie. While rolling the dice in the hopes of recouping one's investment in this risky business is always a doubtful proposition, sharing in the upside might just make fx companies turn a profit!! And, when that happens, we all benefit. Even the compositor. :) IATSE is waiting patiently and hopefully, on the sidelines. We are prepared to participate in a meaningful way in ensuring that artists are protected and share in any upside of this development. It's worth a try.

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