Thursday, May 19, 2011

Social Media

Many have observed that social media ignited the process which ousted dictatorships in Tunisia and Egypt, as well as the ongoing push for freedom and democracy in Yemen, Libya, and Syria. These same observers have expressed the hope that social media could ignite the same kind of enthusiasm in support of a union organizing drive for visual effects artists. The comparison is real. But, we need to remember that after reading Facebook and Tweets, people went out into the streets and RISKED THEIR LIVES to let the world know they were fed up with their governments, with corruption, and their lack of opportunity.
We're not asking visual effects artists to risk their life; but to come out with strong statements of support, attendance at a few meetings, signing authorization cards, and letting their employers know that they want to be treated equally with the way their co-workers on the set are treated. If a studio decides to spend the extra bucks to have the work done in Los Angeles instead of Mumbai, then don't punish the LA based artist with Mumbai-like working conditions. Treat them equally to all of the other members of the production crew. That's all we ask. Nothing more.

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