Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Predictably, and sadly, Republican leaders were quick to brand President Obama's suggestions for discontinuing tax breaks for the very wealthiest Americans and their corporations, as "class warfare". A little over-the-top? But, then again, Republicans know a little about class warfare. They've declared war on organized labor in Wisconsin. They've declared war on an independent NLRB. They've declared war on Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and food stamps and unemployment insurance for the long-term unemployed.
Visual effects artists know all about class warfare. Coerced to accept independent contractor status and get stuck holding the bag for payroll taxes, unemployment benefits, and even social security premiums! Forced to work overtime for free, or at straight time rates. Told by their employer that they can't afford medical insurance. It's kinda galling when you walk past the new Maseratti/Porsche/Mercedes/Aston Martin/Bentley in the parking lot.
Since the economic meltdown caused by the sub-prime mortgage crisis, American business and the Republican hierarchy have devoted their full-time efforts to defeating Barack Obama and the moderate Democrats who support him and his agenda. And have thrown their support to Tea Party fanatics who, in addition to their no-tax pledge have a quiet agenda eliminating a woman's right to choose, ban gay marriage, thwart any form of gun control, and compelling prayer in public schools.
So, is there class warfare going on today? I'd have to agree. But it's not about increasing the rich's chipping in to help pay their fair share to reduce the deficit; it's about making sure that unions and poor people have absolutely no chance to pay their mortgages and rejoin the middle class.
It's time to get mad. It's time to stand up and speak up. It's time to join together. We can't afford to stay quiet any more.

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