Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Neighbor

My neighbor is a set decorator. Member of IATSE Local 44. She's pretty busy these days. She's recently completely renovated her Quincy Jones (the architect, not the musician) home, which is now worth in excess of a million dollars. She's traveling over the Christmas holidays, and starting a picture in mid-January. She has health insurance. And a pension plan. Paid holidays. You get the picture.
She knows that Sherlock Holmes was not shot in the US. And that tons of movies get shot in foreign countries. And that Canada is handing out tax subsidy money to lure production. As is Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, and New York City.
But she's doing just fine these days.
Thank you very much.


  1. How is this supposed to help vfx artists? So your well connected, very experienced set decorator isn't worried about outsourcing. That's completely different from a roto artist who has no work because all the major vfx houses are now outsourcing roto. It's post like this that hurt the push for vfx artists to unionize. It make you seem out of touch with the issues artists are worried about.

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