Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Workers at Cablevision in New York are in the final stages of an organizing drive to select the Communication Workers of America as their union representative. This, after workers realized that they are paid substantially less than their counterparts at other cable companies in the New York area. Management is responding with "captive audience" meetings, where workers are required to attend company meetings where anti-union propaganda is distributed.
The most powerful arguments are that, if workers vote to be represented, they will have to "obey" union bosses!!
Frankly, I've heard similar concerns here in LA about visual effects. Such concerns overlook one critical point: YOU are the union!!! You elect officers and leaders. You hire a business representative. And, maybe an attorney. The union is a democracy, with frequent elections monitored by the Dept of Labor. You call all the shots. If you think a strike is a bad idea, there won't be a strike. If you want the union to negotiate to reduce or eliminate outsourcing, you can do that.
We're hearing, through LinkedIn, that there is a slight upswell in interest. We're here to answer questions and lend our support. In whatever form that might take. We think visual effects should have their own local union with local autonomy and control. We'd provide logistical support. But, we're not the "Union Bosses" that your employer wants you to believe would control your life. Let us lend you a hand.....

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