Thursday, January 26, 2012

Side by side

Recently, I was contacted by an artist. He's currently working in Culver City; and will receive benefits from the IATSE's health and welfare fund, and industry pension plan. He's on an animation project, I suspect. but when he works live-action (same building, same desk, same computer) he's not covered.

This facility voted on union representation once upon a time. And the vote came out against such representation. Life seldom gives us a second chance. but, this time we have that chance. and from what I hear the outcome might be different this time.

I say we go for it!!!!

What do you say???



  1. Ok, seriously, I'm a TAG member and the benefits are great. But If I ever work at another VFX facility in town instead of getting the hell out of here, I would love to keep my current health plan and continue to accrue pension benefits. But I wouldn't even know how to start... from what I caught in the backalley-style discussions from union leaders (aka forums and other member's hearsay), it appears that TAG is not allowed to organize live-action VFX facilities (although the work performed is exactly the same in animation nowadays). So then where to start? There is zero public information, and if anything, then this site just keeps on frustrating me more with every post. It seems all we can do right now is to email somebody for "more information". I don't even know which IATSE local I'm talking to here. It's unprofessional. I feel like I'm joining some shady organization, not a perfectly normal union.

    I know you are really behind the cause, Jim, and likely just as frustrated with the whoever is in charge of the "drive" to organize VFX - however it's been such a long time and absolutely zero has happened out in the open. Joining this elusive IATSE local, granting them money from employers and myself, currently feels like getting inducted into the freemasons and some of the "trust us and lets do this"-lingo is just as sketchy as what you hear from many HR departments. But, all this has been said many times over. It's getting beyond frustrating.

    And why this specific post tipped me over the edge to write this... you're implying that Imageworks might have a critical mass of people willing to sign rep cards. That would be a huge deal and worthy of a serious campaign. The wording is very vague, but that could imply that there was information distributed that actually outlined hard facts and what benefits the local would go for in negotiations with the specific studio. If that is so... AWESOME! Make it public! Finally something is happening. If not, then wtf?

  2. Dear Anonymous:
    We anticipate that the employees of Imageworks will leap at the chance of a second bite at the apple. Life rarely gives you a second chance. But, if workers at Imageworks step up, they will get to participate in IATSE's health and welfare fund, and its pension plan. Just like their coworkers at Sony Animation. So, if you are currently in those plans, and you move from place to place, your coverage will move with you. And, if you wish, you can remain a member of TAG. If other workers prefer a separate visual effects local, that will remain an option. Let's start at Sony, then move to Digital Domain. Then, watch us grow!!!!

    1. How out of touch are you? You haven't responded to any points previous posters made and you are still pushing IASTE. Do you even have a website up yet?

      Sony turned down the union because the union couldn't show they ANYTHING that would benefit them. Health insurance? Most at Sony have it. OT? They have it.

      You think DD will even pay any attention to you? The people in Venice are more concerned about getting shipped out to Florida or VC or even having a job. Most over there don't even have IASTE in their radar. Have you even talked to a sup over there?

      Get serious, start showing artist hard cold facts, and respond to questions. That's how you'll get the artists on board. All of the this silly rah rah BS is just making people run away from you, not join you.