Friday, February 3, 2012

The Easy Part

There is an obscure paragraph in the IATSE-Studio "Basic Agreement" that should give artists encouragement. If workers on the studio payroll sign an authorization card, the studio can either recognize the union immediately, or require an NLRB election. If (or should I say when?)the IATSE wins that election, then, according to the agreement, "Upon such recognition or designation as aforesaid, this Agreement (the Producer-IATSE and MPTAAC Basic Agreement)shall immediately become effective and operative with respect to such employees".

While we fully expect the six major studios to fuss and fume and delay and obstruct these proceedings, the bottom line is that if those of you who are on studio payrolls stand up for yourselves, the end result will be a union contract. With industry health and pension benefits.

And, when studio workers are covered, can those working at the independent facilities be far behind???

Come on guys, let's get moving!!!!


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